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Now I have it plugged into the charger but when I turn it on its getting stuck on the Sony logo. I am disappointed because I thought my cell phone would work better after upgrading but now I cannot even use my phone. Sorry to hear that your having issues with your Xperia Go. Updating a phone often adds more features to the device and can also increase its performance. Interestingly Sony actually offers a flash tool for Xperia phones on their website and the Xperia go ST27i is one of the supported devices for this tool.

Thanks a lot for this! My Xperia T was suddenly stuck at a black screen and I stressed out, but this did the trick. Thanks again! Hi, you helped me from having a panic attack as my xperia suddenly went into a coma, right before that it was as healthy as a horse Nothing in this article seems to be working for my Xperia Z. My phone lights up when I press the power button, but there is no normal unlock screen.

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Do you know a solution? This issue can also be the result of a malfunction LCD the screen itself.

Sony Xperia M5 problem - freezes, hangs, glitches

If your Xperia Z makes the sound or responds like it normally would when unlocking your phone then the touch screen is still working but the display has malfunctioned and your phones display will need to be repaired or more likely replaced. If this is the case then you can narrow it to a bad display and respond appropriately. Remember that if your phone is less than a year old and has no signs of physical or liquid damage then it is still covered under the manufactures warranty, and the phones warranty would cover this issue.

My phone's screen wouldn't work and i was giving up!!

How to fix Sony Xperia L2 that keeps freezing and lagging (easy steps)

But this tip worked perfectly!!! Thank you! I have had a Sony Experia C since the last 2 months. I have made the "mistake" of draining the battery fully, and was puzzled the last time when it didn't start. Thanks for the help! My one year old xperia miro hanged and switched off suddenly after connecting a 3. I have seen many cases where a headset jack has caused audio problems on the device but not really power issues… I suppose it could happen though.

Try those suggestions though as they might give you an edge in resolving this issue and might help to get your phone to power on again. I am glad it helped. Check out How to fix a phone that keeps powering itself off for some suggestions to resolve that specific issue and it should set you on the right track. Good day Sir! I did volume up and down simultaneously with the power but nothing happened, My mom can ring my phone so it means my phone is on but my phone doesn't ring at all.

If that was the case and you could hear your Xperia SP ring but it was stuck with a black screen then it would mean that your display went out and would need replacing. Try charging it though and attempt a few more simulated battery pulls for good measure. Hie guys And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let us know that the simulated battery pull was able to get your Sony Xperia C to power on again.

My device freezes or applications suddenly shut down

Tried the above and phone restarted. One of the best tips I have known in a long time. Thanks a ton! My xperia had a full battery and it just shut down and I can't get it to turn On. My phone shows a security password screen whenever i try to open settings or any time in between. I want to format but cant even tried volume up plus power button it just starts normally all the time. Pls advice. I've tried everything that you have on your post. But still my xperia phone is not working, I tried to call using my other phone it does ring but the screen is blank.

My phone is just 5 days old. And i am too far to go to the service center. Sorry to hear that your having problems with your new cell phone. If you can hear your phone ring when receiving a call then that means that your phone is still working but its display is malfunctioning and will need to be repaired or replaced. What make and model of phone did you get? I have not had any issues with screen freezing.

I just had my Xperia Z freeze on me, couldn't do anything to fix it. Luckily it was nearly flat, so I just had to wait for it to go flat and turn off.

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Do you know any other way to reboot it or bring it back out of freezing??? In response to ctrentnathan. July August May Andrew Level 1: Hi,can someone please tell me how to find out witch app is causing my sony to freeze and get hot.

I am un able to get in as nothing will work. Phone is less than a month old. Real pain. Joe-Telstra Telstra Retired. In response to Andrew If the problem not solved after scanning then you simply have to go for the factory reset your device. Simply follow me as That's all.

Sony Xperia frozen or will not power on

Any help is welcome, otherwise it will just have to run the battery down untill it is dead. Also, plugging it in to the laptop does nothing Sony Xperia Z screen freezes after software update I have the same thing I'm so fustrated I guess will have to wait for new update to patch this. By Unregistered in forum Android Forums.

Screenshot option removed from Sony Xperia GO after 4. The time now is

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