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Yes Rear camera aperture: Best camera phone: The Google Pixel 3 has been a revelation in the camera phone stakes. Like its predecessors, it uses just one lens on the back. But the image results are fantastic.

Best camera phone 12222: the top smartphone snappers around

But the new Night Mode, which offers up stunning pictures in the low light, means that the Google Pixel 3 is now the camera king. April Rear camera: The best all rounder: The Huawei P20 Pro is a very impressive piece of picture taking kit. Thanks to a third rear camera, an 8MP shooter, the phone allows you 3x zoom without having to default to a lower quality digital zoom.

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Best for portraits: The bigger literally brother to the P20 Pro, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro may have a slightly different lens setup no monochrome lens this time around but it's still a powerhouse in the camera department. The Mate 20 Pro has three count 'em lenses on the back, offering super-wide angle and macro shots.

Best Smartphone Camera - Phones With the Best Quality Cameras

But it's the portrait mode that impresses us the most - the bokeh effect you get from the camera is one of the best we've seen. January Rear camera: The best mid-price camera phone. The Honor View 20 is a remarkable camera phone for its price. Its 48MP sensor is best in market and also comes packing an All-View screen. This essentially means that there is no notch and the only thing that marks the screen is a pin-hole camera situated on the top left of the device.

The images we got from this device were superb - it uses a similar sort of AI found on both the Huawei Pro 20 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei and this means that each and every shot you take has some sort of enhancements.

2. Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL

Those who want to do things manually can head to the Pro mode as there's a decent amount of control to be found there. Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras Front camera: The best top-range camera phone: The X was a marked change for the company and while the iPhone XS doesn't look any different, it still offers a full screen 5. We found the colors to be natural, and the fact one is a telephoto sensor helps for shooting detail at a further distance than most other phones on the market.

There's a new sensor, too, which measures 1. March Rear camera: A superb camera phone: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plus is a camera phone that is actually one of the best phones that money can buy right now too. This is the first time Samsung has embraced dual camera tech, and it uses two 12MP sensors paired together. That paired with great video recording, slow motion and AR emoji makes this our very favourite smartphone for photography. May Rear camera: Yes one sensor Rear camera aperture: The best 'value for money' camera phone: No Rear camera aperture: The best cheap camera phone: The MP main camera, 8-MP telephoto and MP ultra-wide lenses work together to provide top quality images and a 3x optical zoom.

AI powered features help optimize camera settings without forcing you to fiddle with anything.

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Our biggest disappointment with the Mate 20 Pro is that it's not officially available in the U. We put the market's leading handsets through a variety of common shooting situations, such as landscapes, portraits and selfies in daylight and at night.

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Then, we analyze each set of images on a color-calibrated monitor to see which smartphone had the best combination of color accuracy, clarity and contrast. We also perform in-depth camera comparisons between the top phones, using each handset in their auto mode to take a wide range of photos in different conditions.

After declaring a winner in each round, we name an overall winner of that face-off. In each of our smartphone reviews , we also factor in any special features, such as dual lenses and what they enable, Portrait Modes, and other special modes, before we come to a conclusion. Cameras with a wider aperture lower f-stop numbers mean wider lenses let in more light, which can help produce better shots in the dark.

Not all dual lenses are created equal. Some phones like the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS use their dual lenses to allow for depth-of-field effects; others, like the LG V30, just let you switch between wide-angle and standard lenses.

The best camera phone in 12222: ultimate smartphone cameras on test

Other flagship phones are adding a third lens, which generally helps improve low-light photography while also adding depth-of-field effects. Do you need Portrait mode? It goes by different names — Portrait mode on the iPhone, Live Focus on Samsung's phones — but more phones let you play around with bokeh effects.

Some phones also let you adjust the effect before and after you take a shot.

Best Overall Camera Phone

The front camera specs are just as important. Besides the megapixels, check out the aperture to get a sense of how the camera will perform in low-light. And some front cameras, like the ones on the iPhone XS and Pixel 3, can perform the same Portrait mode effects that dual rear cameras pull off. The Pixel 3 is one of a handful of phones to add dual lenses up front, letting you fit more people or include more background in your shots. Your cameras shoot more than just still images. Consider what resolution the camera captures video at along with the frame rate.

Also look at the camera offers slow-motion features and video filters. Cameras Best Picks.

Totally worth it. View Plans WhistleOut. Best Budget Camera Phone Nokia 7. Editor's choice. Google Pixel 3. Galaxy Note 9. Huawei Mate 20 Pro. About the author. Read more. Latest in Cameras. United States France.