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I'm dating my ex-fiance once again and have always had a question about his phone behavior. When we were together years ago, he would act suspiciously with his phone.

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He would always have it on his person, would go outside to answer it, and place his phone facedown on the table. I confronted him and he said he wasn't hiding anything and that I need to trust him. I admit to being overly paranoid about this, which resulted in me snooping. I never found anything suspicious until one day when I saw a text from one of his female friends calling him "baby. Now that we're back together, he explained that the friend calls everyone "baby" and other pet names.

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He never said those things back to her, so I chose to believe him. I also call some of my friends pet names, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now I notice he's still very private with his phone, yet more open than before. For example, he leaves his phone lying around and texts and answers the phone in front of me.

Should I be worried he always has his phone face down?

He said he remembers how paranoid I was, so he's changed for the better. But he still has a password lock on his phone and he puts his phone facedown. I'm the type of person who shares everything, so his privacy is a little bothersome, especially when we're talking about living together and getting married again. Am I just being psychotic??

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And if so, how do I get over this? Thanks in advance! Hard choice. I would be suspicious too of such behavior. Being together with my boyfriend for three years, I feel no need to hide anything from him and he does the same for me.

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He does not mind if I look at his emails or phone. I don't go checking it for cheating signs mind you, because I have no reason to be concerned.

So I have to ask: Are there any other signs that might show he is unfaithful? Some might tell you you have trust issues and you seem to convincing yourself that you are the crazy one. On May 25 th , questions like these will have clearer answers.

It is crucial to form a team with individuals who are productive, cohesive, and ready to succeed. Phone Up Vs. Phone Down. View More Articles.

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May 24, Chuck Murphy. Phone flipped down: Phone face up: User Experience. November 16, August 01, He hides his porn.

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  3. Boyfriend always puts his phone face down or hides it — but denies cheating.

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