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Skype For iOS Finally Lets You Save Video Messages The update allows mobile device users to converse live with a maximum of 25 people.

Yes No I need help Advertisement. I understand that in your question you are using a Windows OS which has been the victim recently of having the application removed from the app store. The reason why the application has been removed is that the app has had issues in regards to having errors on the app only for the Windows OS. Yes No I need help The app has been taken off to be fixed to be placed back on the app store. Windows has stated that this is only a temporary measure but has not yet given out a time frame for the app to be fixed then replaced to the app store.

Yes No I need help Here is an additional link that will alert you also on the news of the app being removed from the app store and Windows devices:. See more questions like this: I need to install without signing in because I am having a problem signing to my Windows phone. I keep getting activation error.

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You can't install any apps without correcting the Microsoft Account Error. You will need to contact Microsoft directly. Their website now has a Live Chat portal as an option along with a regional phone number. Usually, the activation error occurs when you are trying to install an app that needs Family Account administrative permission due to age restrictions, your account was flagged for SPAM, or you triggered a Security Warning with the account.

Check for these issues first. Yes No I need help. More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: My phone Nokia Lumia , apps not downloading in phone, error I am asking for your assistance on the steps that I need to take to access it. I have tried: Clicking WhatsApp, to send a request for registration purpose but it doesn't go through.

How to fix Windows Phone Store error code 80070020

Uninstall what you do have right now regarding the WhatsApp installation process. Reboot your device then manually sync your Microsoft Account. You will need Windows 8. Users that had the app on older OS are now not able to update the app or use it until they update their OS to Windows 8 or purchase a new device. Try to sign back in on your device. If you still can't install the app, then there is an issue with your Microsoft Account.

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You would then log in via the PC to your Microsoft Account to see if you need to verify your password or your account or have triggered a 2 Step authorization. Install Whatsapp for android from blocked countries is a VisiHow article that explains what to do when your region is blocked. Your biggest issue, however, is that your OS of 7.

You can try to force the update. However, users with your specific device report limited success. Yes No I need help If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. Windows Mixed Reality support is now live in Chrome Canary. Windows 10 Mobile February cumulative updates now available.

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  • Microsoft fixes Windows Phone Store error 80070020.
  • Fix Windows Phone Store error 80070020.
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  • Home Windows Phone. Image Courtesy: WhatsApp was down for everyone on January 22 and not just you. Big mistake!

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    Mayank Parmar. Probably with March cumulative update, scheduled for next week Tuesday. Now able to download the app but unable to install. Showing different error.

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    Faheem Ahmad. Windows Microsoft brings Windows 10 Timeline to Chrome with a new extension February 19, Microsoft acknowledges Internet Explorer issue in February patch February 19, Windows Mobile.