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Skype For iOS Finally Lets You Save Video Messages The update allows mobile device users to converse live with a maximum of 25 people.

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Hubby On The Phone, Ringtone. I Just Farted, Ringtone, Message. I Love You Ringtone. Its My Weed Man, Ringtone. Jonathan Answer Phone 2, Nino Ringtone.

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Jonathan Answer Phone, Ringtone. Latin Ringtone Scarface, Your Done.

Mother Calling, Groove Ringtone. Mother Calling, Midget Groove Ringtone. Never Gonna Get It, Ringtone.

Oh Dont Answer Ringtone. Pick Up For Me, Ringtone. Please Pick Up Phone, Ringtone. Potato Potato F U. Street Pharmacist On Phone, Ringtone. Bring Home Beer, Country Ringtone. Rasta Ringtone 2.

Vintage Phone Ringtones

Danger, Ex Wife Calling, Ringtone. Get It, Fun Midget Ringtone. Doo Doo Brown Ringtone. Get It, Fun Midget Ringtone 2. Get It, Fun Ringtone. Get The Damn Phone. Gimme Some Of That, Ringtone. Ho Whoop, Fun Ringtone. Daddy Alert 2, Ringtone. Daddy Alert, Ringtone.

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Mommy Alert, Ringtone, Alarm. Party Girl On Phone 2, Ringtone. Party Girl On Phone 3, Ringtone. Party Girl On Phone, Ringtone. I went through all of them above, ringtone 48 seems to be the closest, but I am not absolutely certain, what do you think? Ole Alstrup. Or maybe it is ringtone 11, they are similar, but I am not sure if either one is the one I am looking for…. What a great site, found all the ringtone I was looking for, highly recommended.

Many of the older phones do not support adding or loading ringtones. It depends on the model. Best to check the documentation that came with phone. Any chance you could do a couple of those? Hey Ontoward, I found this! Is this what you meant? Ontoward, BTW the only thing that worked was to send it to your phone, then open the MP3 and save it to your phone.

Great set of ringtomes. Saved as the ringtone on my Q10 — a poke in the eye at modernism! I would connect my phone to my computer. Then I would drag and drop the MP3 file to the Ringtones directory on my phone. That directory shows up under an Internal Storage heading on my connected phone. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Skip to content. November 15, at 1: How do I download to my iPhone, hmm. Thanks for any help. These are great ringtones. David English says: November 15, at March 18, at 1: April 16, at 9: Many thanks Ontoward. Casablanca says: June 19, at 5: August 5, at 9: August 21, at 5: November 26, at 3: November 27, at 2: GaryT says: February 28, at 4: Are any of those a good fit?

February 28, at 7: I listened to the first few, and obviously gave up too soon.